Interpretation courses and programmes (Tolkutbildningar)

Courses and programmes in interpretation for the deaf, hearing-impaired and for those who don’t speak Swedish are offered at adult education colleges (folkhögskolor) and at adult education associations (studieförbund).

Courses and programmes are offered at basic as well as intermediate levels in different fields, such as Swedish Sign Language Interpretation, Public Service and Business Interpretation and Transcription.

The courses and programmes are at post-secondary level and are one to four years in duration. They are offered at about a dozen different locations in Sweden. The course and programmes offered at adult education colleges are free of charge; adult education associations may however charge tuition fees.

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Our main areas of responsibility:

The Swedish National Agency for HVE is the authority responsible for allocating government grants to course providers. Our other areas of responsibility include:

  • Carrying out inspections
  • Conducting reviews
  • Producing statistics
  • Promoting quality improvement in courses and programmes