Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education

Our main area of responsibility includes Higher Vocational Education in Sweden (HVE) and our key function is to ensure that HVE programmes meet the labour market's needs for qualified workforce.

We analyse the labour market, decide which programmes qualify to be offered as HVE, allocate government grants, conduct reviews, produce statistics and promote quality improvement in HVE.

In addition to HVE, our other areas of responsibility include two types of post-secondary education: Arts and culture courses (Konst- och kulturutbildningar) and Interpretation courses and programmes (Tolkutbildningar).

The Swedish National Agency for HVE carries out inspections and handles enquiries and complaints regarding courses and programmes.

We are also responsible for coordinating and supporting a national framework for recognition of prior learning, as well as serving as a national coordination point for the EQF - the European Qualifications Framework. The purpose of the framework is to facilitate comparability of qualifications within the EU.